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Last month, troll-fighting online retailer Newegg suffered a stunning setback when it lost in court to TQP Development, a patent-holding company that claims to own the rights to basic Web encryption.
This week the company has said it’s “back on track” after getting a total win against a patent troll called Technology Properties Ltd., or TPL, at the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Newegg was part of a coalition of tech companies that refused to settle, including Canon, HP, Seiko Epson, Kingston, and a Taiwanese company called HiTi Digital.

The original complaint was filed against 21 companies, most of which have settled, just recently including Acer.
In this case, TPL asserted four patents that it said covered most types of card readers, like the ones sold by Newegg under its house Rosewill brand.

The accused products also named printers and laptops with multiple card slots.

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