The Department of Justice has indicted three men who it suspects helped run the Silk Road, an online drug marketplace that was hidden through the Tor anonymous Web-surfing network.
The three men—Andrew Michael Jones of Charles City, Virginia; Gary Davis of Wicklow, Ireland; and Peter Phillip Nash of Brisbane, Australia—are alleged to have worked with suspected Silk Road owner and operator Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested in San Francisco, California, earlier this year. Jones and Nash were arrested last week. Davis is “believed to be in Ireland,” authorities say.
Jones, who went by “Inigo;” Davis, who went by “Libertas;” and Nash, who went by “Samesamebutdifferent,” “Batman73,” “Symmetry,” and, ironically, “Anonymousass**t,” were all allegedly employed by Ulbricht, apparently earning $50,000 to $70,000 per year for their roles in administrating the website and moderating the forums.

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