Robberies at British banks have fallen by over 90% in two decades, according to a report by the British Bankers’ Association.
Improvements in technology are part of the reason that there were only 66 bank robberies in 2011, down from 847 in 1992.

The reports said improvements in branch security, including more CCTV cameras and screens to protect staff are leading to a reduction in robberies.
The BBA also said specialist fog devices, which emit smoke to disorientate intruders, have led to a reduction in bank robberies.
The report also said branches are holding less cash than they used to which seems to deter criminals, while banks are working more closely with the police and victims of armed gangs such as post offices to share information.
“Banks are working hard to confine armed robberies to the world of TV dramas,” said Anthony Browne, the chief executive of the BBA. “Anyone trying to rob a bank now faces much better CCTV, protective screens that can rise in less than a second and even special fog designed to disperse criminals.”

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