Separate studies from security vendors Kaspersky and Sophos evaluate the security events and exploits that were center stage in 2013 and will, no doubt, set the scene for this year.

A key trend observed during 2013 was the continued risk from botnets and, in particular, the ZeroAccess botnet that was recently disrupted in a joint effort with Microsoft, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Europol.

Also high on the list was the use of exploit kits that package known application exploits into easy-to-use packages for attackers to go after vulnerable users. In past years, the Blackhole kit dominated the exploit kit landscape, but that changed in 2013 as other kits grew their market share.

The exploit kits can deliver various types of malicious payloads, but the most common payload, according to Sophos, was some form for ransomware attack.

Another key trend was the continued increase in mobile malware, particularly malware targeted at Google’s Android operating system.

According to Kaspersky, the vast majority of mobile malware is some form of backdoor malware that turns mobile devices into botnet endpoints.

This slide show, with data points from Kaspersky and Sophos, examines key security trends.

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