Networking specialist Netgear took the opportunity of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to debut a wide range of devices, from security cameras to routers to a device that it somewhat awkwardly calls the NeoMediacast Dongle, a piece of hardware that makes up in streaming video capabilities what it lacks in clever marketing monikers. Netgear has long been a major player in the cable Internet gateway space, and the company’s two newest editions offer blazingly fast connection speeds, a variety of connectivity options, and plenty of bandwidth for multiple downloads and uploads.

The company’s flagship AC1750 has also upped the design standards, sporting a folded-wedge design wrapped with crisp black corners.

The company is also an innovator in the IP security camera space, Ocuity 100 and 500 and reaffirmed that status with the launch of two cameras, the Ocuity 100 and 500 models.

The Ocuity 500 is the industry’s first camera designed to combine high-quality HD video with multifunction sensing and monitoring algorithms, and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that supports two hours of streaming video, maintaining a complete video record even through power outages.

Netgear NeoMediacast Dongle, Web Gateways Among CES Rollouts
By Nathan Eddy

Netgear Debuts Flagship AC1750 WiFi Cable Modem Router
The device combines the fastest Internet cable download speeds available with the world’s fastest WiFi. It is designed for today’s connected homes with an increasing number of devices, providing fast HD coverage throughout the home. Known as model number C6300, the gateway offers support for 16 download and four upload channels simultaneously.

The C6300 Arrives Next Quarter, Offers Genie App
The C6300 also supports the Netgear genie application, a personal dashboard that makes it possible to install, monitor, control and repair the home network from PCs, Macs, and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The gateway will be available in the second quarter of 2014 and retail for $219.99.

The N450 Offers Lightning Speed at an Affordable Price
The N450 gateway offers cable modem speeds of up to 340M bps with the fastest 2.4GHz WiFi speed, and performance of up to 450M bps. Furthermore, users can attach a USB hard drive to the ReadyShare-enabled USB port on the gateway and have wireless access of the storage drive from any device in the home network.

Available now, the N450 retails for $119.99.

Versatility and Flexibility Are the Name of the Game
The two cable gateways are each equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet ports so users can benefit from the fastest wired speeds for a desktop computer and other devices such as network storage, while still enjoying the freedom of wireless connections for mobile devices such as tablets, notebooks and smartphones.

The N450 (shown here) supports eight download and four upload channels simultaneously.

NeoMediacast Dongle Offers a Complete Streaming Platform
The NTV300D is a customizable, Miracast-enabled platform that enables telecommunications service providers to use the latest Android applications to offer their subscribers a curated content store of both premium and free over-the-top (OTT) content.

The compact dongle integrates the Android SDK, giving service providers the tools to build their own premium content store.

The NTV300D Packs a Lot Into a Compact Form
The device is equipped with full HD 1080p/60 decode, while integrated digital rights management (DRM) support provides access to premium content.

The NTV300D also leverages next-generation 802.11ac wireless connectivity for a top-quality viewing experience even with HD-quality video.

Turn Any TV Into a Smart TV
Another major benefit is that service providers can leverage the Android apps they have already developed to support linear TV on tablets and phones. Combined with NTV300D support for DRM, this offers service providers a low-cost alternative to set-top boxes.

The device also boasts a Micro SD slot for playback/storage and Micro USB connectivity for secondary storage.

Ocuity 100 Wireless IP Camera Offers Dual-Band WiFi
Netgear’s latest camera offers high-quality 720p resolution HD video and leverages selectable dual-band 802.11n WiFi, and, along with flexible mounting options, it offers a discreet, compact form factor and print-to-customize skins to blend into home furnishings.

While no price has yet been provided, the camera will be available later this quarter, the company said.

Ocuity 500 Wireless IP Camera Mounts Magnetically
Offering the same networking and HD capabilities as the Ocuity 100, the 500 also features the MagnaFast magnetic mounting system for a broad range of modular mounting options. Netgear claims it is also the industry’s first camera designed to combine high-quality HD video with multifunction sensing and monitoring algorithms.

Bringing Users the Gift of Sound and Vision
Sound and video motion detection algorithms in the Ocuity 500 sense occupancy and initiate video based on distinct audio triggers such as breaking glass and loud noises.

A microphone with echo cancellation and built-in speaker enables both security and health-and-wellness checks. Parents can even talk with their kids through a virtual intercom created by an app linking Ocuity 500 to their smartphones.

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