“Bell System” manhole cover along Main Street in Durham, New Hampshire.


Art Brodsky began covering telecommunications just before the AT&T breakup.

He has been a reporter, editor, communications director for a Federal agency and for a non-profit group on telecom and Internet issues ever since. His freelance writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Wired.com and other outlets. From time to time he posts to his blog, Continental Drive.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show extravaganza started off with a big announcement from AT&T: Customers of their wireless service can get around onerous caps on data usage if the company supplying, say, video, pays extra to AT&T for the privilege.
With one fell swoop, AT&T not only invalidated the whole concept of data caps as a necessary evil to control traffic, but also set the telecom policy world ablaze with an idea that would violate the concept of a neutral Internet, if such concepts applied in the wireless world.

The Net Neutrality rules as they exist now, of course, grant freedom for such things in the wireless space.

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