Kim Dotcom’s major “Party Party” at Auckland’s Vector Arena may have been cancelled, but the mogul is still going through with a “soft launch” of Baboom, the soon-to-be music service formerly known as Megabox. returns to the placeholder above for now, but an official company press release states Dotcom will debut his “artist page” on Monday.

This soft launch is intended to “give everyone a flavor of what’s to come when the site is fully unleashed in late 2014,” according to the press release.
(That’s right, Dotcom’s “artist page.” His new album, Good Times, will be featured on Baboom for the site’s launch.

For a small sample of Dotcom’s musical past, he infamously rapped about New Zealand politician John Banks and dug at his content-creator foes in the “Megaupload Mega Song.”)

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