Year after year, the volume of Internet threats rises, and 2013 was no exception. Not every type of Internet threat, however, has been on a continuously growing trajectory. In fact, at least one common threat—spam—is apparently on the downswing, with moderate declines over the last year.

The same cannot be said for mobile attack volumes. Multiple vendors reported a growth in mobile attacks in 2013, with Android being identified as the primary target for malware authors. In past years, Adobe Flash and PDF were at the root of many attacks, but in 2013, according to Cisco, that wasn’t the case.

The primary indicator of compromise in 91 percent of cases seen by Cisco in 2013 was Oracle’s Java technology.

While different types of Internet threats continued to proliferate in 2013, so too did the attackers who leveraged the threats to exploit organizations. In its 2013 Global Threat Report, security firm Crowdstrike identifies specific adversary groups. Those groups are going after numerous targets, including government and telecommunications organizations. In this slide show, which includes data from Trustwave, Cisco and Crowdstrike, eWEEK takes a look at some of the key security trends of the last year.

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