Jan. 28 marks Data Privacy Day, an effort coordinated by the National Cyber Security Alliance to encourage businesses, governments, other organizations and people to not only work to better protect privacy and data, but also respect privacy itself.

The day comes amid the ongoing parade of data breaches that continue to make headlines, most recently those at such places as Target—with its vulnerable point-of-sales systems—and Neiman Marcus. Data Privacy Day is recognized globally, and plans to celebrate it are scheduled for such countries as Australia, Japan, India, Belgium, Canada and the United States, according to the alliance. In a recent survey of IT professionals, data protection technology vendor Iron Mountain found that data loss is the top concern and that managing the skyrocketing volumes of data is the toughest challenge. In dealing with this challenge, backup tape is still an attractive option, the vendor said. In light of Data Privacy Day, and the ongoing tensions around the issues of privacy and trust on the Internet, Iron Mountain is offering a list of strategies businesses can use to better keep their information safe and out of the hands of cyber-criminals.

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