3 keys to getting business buy-in for an enterprise wide back-up and recovery strategy – Computing web seminar – watch now
Working out the potential return to be had from investing in a new server or application is relatively straightforward: if that server or app is able to perform more work in less time, profits are likely to go up, making it worth buying. However, if there are no obvious or immediate gains to be had – as with backup and recovery – the long-time Cinderella of the IT world – the computation is far less easy.
Watch this web seminar where the panellists look at how we can make informed strategic decisions about investments whose main benefit is the ability to maintain rather than enhance the bottom line.
Some of the points discussed by our expert panel include:
• Quantifying the costs of doing nothing and comparing with those for an integrated backup and recovery approach• The silo effect of legacy backup and recovery products implemented on the back of other projects• Classifying data by importance• Evaluating licensing, compliance and update costs
The Panel:
Martin Hingley – CEO, ITCandor LimitedAdrian Moir – Director for Systems Consulting, Data Protection EMEA, DellChris Middleton – Consulting Editor, ComputingGraeme Burton – Chief Reporter, Computing
Watch the web seminar here

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