The UK is now drafting a list of sites that should be unblocked by the filters and put onto a whitelist to ensure they stay accessible.

January 31, 2014 5:46 AM PST

The UK government’s request that Internet service providers use filters to block Web sites deemed potentially harmful to children has proven a bit overzealous.
According to the BBC, which earlier reported on the news, several innocuous Web sites are being blocked by the government-instituted filters, including charity sites serving children who are in danger or distress.

Even TorrentFreak, a news site discussing piracy and and copyright activity, has been mistakenly blocked.
The UK government requested last year that ISPs block Web sites with p**nography, violence, and other material deemed damaging to children — unless account holders opted out of filtering. However, the filtering has proven less than perfect, and a number of sites aimed at actually helping children have been blocked.
According to the BBC, the UK government is currently drafting a list of sites that should be whitelisted.

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