Peter Bartsch A lawsuit claiming that in-flight Internet provider Gogo has struck illegal exclusive contracts with airlines in order to overcharge customers is moving forward after a judge’s decision last week.

The class action complaint (PDF) was filed in US District Court in Northern California by James Stewart, Joel Milne, and Joseph Strazzullo, and it claims that “Gogo has unlawfully obtained and/or maintained monopoly market power in the United States market for inflight Internet connectivity on domestic commercial aircraft by resort to anti-competitive conduct that includes a series of long-term exclusive contracts with the major domestic airlines in the United States.

These exclusive contracts have the purpose and effect of thwarting competition on the merits and on price, and [they] have permitted Gogo to charge consumers like Plaintiffs and the members of the class they seek to represent supra-competitive prices.” The lawsuit demands a jury trial, class action status, changes in Gogo’s business practices, and financial damages.     

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