Kluczynski Federal Building and Dirksen United States Courthouse, Chicago, Illinois. Ken Lund When “p**n troll” Prenda law was at the top of its game, making millions by suing thousands of users over alleged p**n downloads, it took an audacious step: it sued its critics for defamation. Upset at nasty blog comments calling Prenda-linked lawyers “brain-damaged” and “assclowns,” the firm went ahead and sued Alan Cooper and his lawyer Paul Godfread. Cooper, a former housekeeper for Prenda-linked lawyer John Steele, had become concerned that someone at Prenda had falsely signed his name on copyright assignment documents used in lawsuits. To Cooper and Godfread, the defamation suit looked like retaliation.

They had sued Prenda over the identity theft issue just weeks earlier. 6     

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