This is BFL’s top-of-the-line bitcoin miner, selling for over $22,000. Butterfly Labs One of the world’s most mysterious Bitcoin-related companies is now facing its first civil lawsuit in a United States federal court, with many more likely on the way. Last summer, Ars reported on Butterfly Labs (BFL), which makes ASIC-based Bitcoin miners. In other words, BFL builds little boxes with specialized chips that do nothing but compute hashes in the Bitcoin blockchain—a process which can lead to real money for the miners. Given that the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed in recent months (hovering around $820 per bitcoin as of this writing), mining coins when their value is lower is clearly profitable. Martin Meissner, a German-Polish man who lives in China, placed an order for a BFL miner back in March 2013 but ultimately never received his order.

He alleges that he spent over $62,000 to order two 1500 gigahash-per-second Bitcoin miners. To date, he has not received a refund for his payment. His lawsuit, filed in December 2013, accuses BFL of breach of contract, fraud, and negligent representation. 8     

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