BSI Solutions The Utah legislator who filed a bill to limit the growth of government-funded fiber networks contends that protests of the bill are based on a “misunderstanding” and that some minor adjustments will clear everything up.

The legislation would make it illegal for an “interlocal entity” to provide telecommunication service on fiber optic networks in any location outside the boundaries of its member cities. It is targeted at UTOPIA, the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, a fiber network consortium of 16 cities that has built infrastructure in non-member municipalities such as Salt Lake City.”Somehow the bill has gotten mischaracterized in the public eye,” Utah Rep.

And bill author Curt Webb told Ars in an e-mailed response to our questions. Webb said he’s met with lobbyists and people in the industry over the past few days.

While “much of the misunderstanding has been cleared up, you may see a few minor adjustments to provide that clarification,” he said. “The bill does not prohibit infrastructure expansion. In fact, it addresses no other entity than UTOPIA. UTOPIA is a government entity created by an interlocal agreement, and the public asks for and deserves transparency and accountability of them.

The bill requires that any city into which UTOPIA expands become a member city.” 0     

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