Comcast streams Netflix at just the right speed for the Slowskys. Comcast Netflix’s speed rankings show that video streaming performance on Verizon and Comcast has been dropping for the past three to four months.

The rankings were updated this morning with data from January. Verizon FiOS dropped from sixth to seventh best in the US, swapping places with Time Warner Cable. Comcast stayed in 14th place out of 17 rated providers, while Verizon DSL dropped from 16th to 17th, trading places with Clearwire. Netflix The story is really in how each provider’s megabits per second changed from month to month. Verizon FiOS suffered just a tiny drop from 2.22Mbps to 2.2Mbps from October to November, but then it went down to 2.11Mbps in December and 1.82Mbps in January. 9     

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