On Wednesday in New Zealand, a Court of Appeal ruled that the warrants used to seize property belonging to Megaupload founder and CEO Kim Dotcom were legal.

The court’s decision reversed a 2012 High Court decision in which a chief judge ruled that the warrants were too vague and did not define the parameters of the search and seizure sufficiently.
Since the raid on his New Zealand property in January 2012, Kim Dotcom has been waging legal battles with New Zealand and United States authorities.

As Ars reported in 2012, New Zealand police cut their way through locks and into Dotcom’s ‘panic room,’ seized 18 luxury vehicles, secured NZ$11 million in cash from his bank accounts, and grabbed 150TB of data from 135 of Dotcom’s digital devices.
Dotcom’s legal challenge of the warrants used to seize his property was part of a bid to avoid extradition to the United States where he is wanted to stand trial for copyright and money laundering charges.

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