Ding dong, the wicked broadband witch is dead.


The Kansas cable lobby’s attempt to ban nearly all municipal broadband networks won’t be rising from the dead any time soon.
Last month, the Kansas Cable Telecommunications Association (KCTA), whose members include Comcast, Cox, Eagle Communications, and Time Warner Cable, proposed a ban on telecommunications, video, and broadband services offered to residents and businesses by municipalities.

The bill would also have made it illegal for cities and towns to buy, build, lease, maintain, or operate any facility that helps a private business offer telecommunications, video, or broadband services.One exception allowed municipal networks in “unserved areas,” but the bill defined those areas in such a way that none may exist.

The bill also had an exception for services provided in municipal buildings. After extensive criticism, the KCTA said it would “tweak” the language in the bill to redefine unserved areas.
Now, though, one of the bill’s main opponents is declaring it dead.

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