Our own Andrew Cunningham finally got a chance to wear Google Glass.

Florence Ion

According to Reuters, Google has been dispatching lobbyists to at least three state capitals to try to halt legislation that aims to forbid the wearing of Google Glass while driving.
Currently, eight states are in the process of advancing such legislation. Last month, Wyoming introduced a bill that would stop a driver from sporting Glass. Citing lobbyist disclosure records and interviews, Reuters reported that Google’s proxies have met with lawmakers in Missouri, Delaware, and Illinois.
State Senator Ira Silverstein, a Chicago Democrat, told Ars that while he hadn’t ever tried Glass himself, it seemed obvious as to why a behind-the-wheel ban was needed. “I don’t want to hurt their business, but we can’t talk on the phone, we can’t text, and this is another way to distract drivers,” the author of Senate Bill 2632 said.

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