A crucial part of an enterprise’s mobile strategy is to ensure their mobile apps are being tested before, during and after launch. It is often this kind of proactive quality testing that separates an app’s success or failure with its users. However, when it comes down to planning, every organization has the same questions: What devices should I be testing on? What is the right device mix for my testing strategy? What devices are actually being used by enterprises for mobile app testing? Perfecto Mobile, a mobile application quality platform provider, is continuously being asked these questions by customers building out cloud-based mobile testing projects.

The company produced a digestible report to help answer these questions.

This report analyzed the device selections of more than 1,200 Perfecto Mobile companies testing their mobile apps and Websites on real devices via the MobileCloud Platform.

The data breaks down what industries are testing mobile apps, what devices they are testing on and what mobile operating systems enterprises are using to test apps.

The data-gathering methodology analyzed 90,000 testing hours from October to December 2013 using 1,400 mobile devices across 1,200 customers in North America and Europe.

This eWEEK slide show displays the results.

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