Save The Internet

A European telecom law approved by a committee today is intended to prevent Internet service providers from blocking or slowing down Web applications, but lets ISPs charge content providers for higher quality of service.
Critics say this allowance will create an Internet “fast lane” and undermine the principles of net neutrality, that Internet service providers should treat all traffic equally.

The European Parliament’s Industry Committee announced its vote in favor of the “Connected Continent” legislation, saying that “Internet providers should no longer be able to block or slow down Internet services provided by their competitors.”Under the heading, “Net neutrality,” the committee announcement said it “inserted strict rules to prevent telecoms companies from degrading or blocking Internet connections to their competitors’ services and applications. In 2012, for example, EU telecoms regulator BEREC reported that several internet providers were blocking or slowing down services like ‘Skype.'”
The European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO), a telco lobby group, criticizes the restrictions as too severe, saying, “This would make an effective management of the network almost unworkable.”

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