Snowden on stage at the TED 2014 conference in Vancouver on Tuesday.

TED Talks

This story originally appeared on Wired UK.
Edward Snowden made a surprise appearance on the TED stage in Vancouver today—using a Beam telepresence robot from “somewhere in Russia.”
Snowden, in his second remote talk in eight days after an appearance at SXSW Interactive in Texas, urged online businesses to encrypt their websites immediately. “The biggest thing that an Internet company in America can do today, right now, without consulting lawyers, to protect users of the Internet around the world, is to enable Web encryption on every page you visit,” he said. “If you look at a copy of 1984 on Amazon, the NSA can see a record of that, the Russians, the French can—the world’s library is unencrypted.

This is something we need to change, not just for Amazon—all companies need to move to an encrypted browsing habit by default.”

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