It’s clearly a software-based world. Managing and updating of all those apps—not to mention the back-end systems—can be a monumental challenge. With so many new application choices now available for both on-premises and cloud distributions, IT folks at all types of enterprises are finding that they need to allocate more time to handle new installations, updates, performance management and security upgrades. Every modernization effort includes a measure of risk to the system and therefore to the business. Success with a new or upgraded app depends on careful consideration of each option and process, along with the relative risks and unanticipated costs involved. Don’t forget the chore of correctly transitioning end users to new processes and routines.

This eWEEK slide show, provided with primary industry knowledge from Faircom, which makes a high-performance NoSQL database and a line of data management tools, will take you through different options along with associated benefits and risks.

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