Future AT&T customers celebrating lower bills by throwing money in the air like they just don’t care.

Are you an AT&T home Internet customer? If so, AT&T has just made a promise you’ll want to take note of.
If the Federal Communications Commission lets Internet service providers charge Web companies like Netflix for faster delivery of content to consumers, AT&T will lower its customers’ Internet bills. That’s what AT&T said Friday in a filing in the FCC’s “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet” proceeding.With the FCC’s rules against ISPs blocking Web services or charging for preferential treatment having been vacated by a court decision, the Commission opened a proceeding with the intent of writing new rules that achieve similar goals in a way that meets judicial scrutiny.

AT&T is asking the FCC to pass rules that would be the opposite of the commission’s original intent, explicitly allowing ISPs to charge for preferential access instead of banning it.
While Netflix has begun paying Comcast for a direct connection to the edge of Comcast’s network, the FCC’s net neutrality rules have traditionally banned payments for preferential access on the network’s “last mile,” from the edge to residences and businesses.

Apple is reportedly trying to get similar treatment over the last mile of Comcast’s network by taking advantage of a loophole in net neutrality rules Comcast was forced to agree to when it purchased NBCUniversal.

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