Jacqui Cheng

According to court documents, sometime in the late hours of March 17, 2014, a Georgetown University student showed a fellow student a small plastic bag containing what he claimed was ricin, a known deadly poison.
The alleged ricin cook, Daniel Harry Milzman, then showed the same bag to the dorm’s residential advisor (RA). The RA contacted the university’s counseling services, which ultimately led to the FBI arriving to the scene on the following day to interview Milzman. (Other court documents say that Milzman was partly inspired to make ricin as it was featured as a plot line in Breaking Bad and that he was considering using it on himself to commit suicide.)
According to an affidavit filed March 20, 2014 by FBI Special Agent Aidan Garcia, Milzman waived his rights to an attorney and told Garcia that he had made ricin through materials purchased at Home Depot and American Plant Company and that he had learned how to do it by conducting online research on his iPhone.
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