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Lawyers believed to be affiliated with the defunct “porn-trolling” organization Prenda Law have now been sanctioned several times when judges found that their lawsuits over alleged porn downloads weren’t justified. Prenda-linked lawyers John Steele, Paul Hansmeier, and Paul Duffy have paid some of those sanctions and resisted others. The first sanction, handed down by US District Judge Otis Wright, is being appealed.
In the most recent case, Hansmeier, Steele, and Duffy spent months try to out-maneuver a heavy sanction. It hasn’t worked, and this week the hammer appears to be crashing down on them.
The case stems from a 2012 lawsuit, in which Prenda went beyond suing regular Internet users and sued Comcast and AT&T. Prenda wanted customer information for 6,600 users it believed were engaged in illegal downloads, and the ISPs wouldn’t cough it up fast enough.
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