An updated rhevm-dwh package that fixes a bug is now available.

The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager data warehouse package provides the ETL process and DB scripts to create a historic database API. Enables SQL BI reports creation for management and monitoring.All Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization reports and data warehouse users are advised to upgrade to this updated package which addresses this issue.Changes to the ovirt-engine-dwh component:* Previously, when the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager was configuredusing a password that contained special characters, those special characterswould be escaped when stored in the 10-setup-database.conf file. However, therhevm-dwh-setup command would not recognize such characters as being escaped andwould therefore fail to run. Now, escaped characters are correctly interpreted.(BZ#1072406)* Previously, the rhevm-dwh-setup command would fail when run on a systemconfigured to use the Brazilian Portuguese language (pt_BR). This was caused byan error in using the status of a service as a conditional, which resulted inthe postgresql service not being restarted. Now, the conditional is dependent ona return code, and the rhevm-dwh-setup command restarts the postgresql servicewithout issue. (BZ#1073467)* Previously, including a double quotation mark in the password for the historydatabase would cause the rhevm-dwh-setup command to fail due to anauthentication error. This was caused by the double quotation marks not beingconsidered a part of the password. Now, the rhevm-dwh-setup command disallowsthe characters ‘”‘, ‘\’, ‘#’, and ‘$’. (BZ#1065781)
Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.
1065781 – [rhevm-dwh-setup] rhevm-dwh-setup drops ‘”‘ from read db password1072406 – ovirt-engine-dwh-setup does not handle escape characters in the 10-setup-database.conf ENGINE_DB_PASSWORD1073467 – rhevm-dwh-setup error on a system installed in Brazilian Portuguese

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