Startup advocacy group Engine and filmmaker Kirby Ferguson released a new YouTube clip, “Rise of the Patent Troll,” asking for support in passing anti-patent-troll legislation.

Kirby Ferguson

Debate on a bill seeking to curb the worst practices of so-called “patent trolls” has been postponed four times in the past two weeks as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) seeks to nail down votes in support of the bill.
The repeated delays mean that Congress will head home for two weeks without having passed the bill out of committee, a step that reformers were ardently hopeful would come to pass. It’s a potentially alarming delay since there are just 39 days left before the Senate’s August break. Congress will return to work in September, but with an election campaign in full swing at that point, it’s unlikely that any significant legislation will pass.
However, late yesterday Leahy’s office said that a “manager’s amendment”—that is, the chairman’s preferred draft of the bill—will be circulated to the committee members the day they return from their two-week break. The committee will consider a bill the first week that Senators are back, which is the week of April 28.
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