The threat of insider tampering with data systems is a constant worry for IT managers. Such threats, currently on the rise, are caused by employees or associates (including contractors and partners) of an organization who either maliciously or accidentally put their organizations and data at risk. Most expensive, high-profile breaches are the result of attack techniques used inside the network; therefore, the threat extends to outsiders who have obtained the legitimate credentials needed to gain access and conduct malicious activities that cause operational harm and steal data. New-gen IT, including the implementation of cloud and big data projects, adds the opportunity for data theft due to the distributed nature of such systems. Regulatory and compliance issues are also driving the requirement to provide better protection against insiders and those who comprise trusted employees. This eWEEK slide show—consisting of data gathered by Ovum Research and compiled by Tina Stewart, marketing vice president at security specialist Vormetric—presents 10 key metrics regarding the landscape of insider IT threats in early 2014.

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