The Information Security Forum (ISF), a research organization serving 300-plus member companies, circling the globe and hitting every key vertical market, has released its latest Threat Horizon report. The report highlights 10 key threats ISF anticipates members will face in 2016 while also offering a rundown of the key security challenges this year. ISF Global Vice President Steve Durbin calls the report “one of the most exciting” the ISF has ever produced. While many people view the era it predicts as “sort of apocalyptic,” Durbin told eWEEK, “I don’t see it that way. The basic norms have altered, but that makes for a very dynamic environment. We’re really seeing a difference between the new [chief information security officers] and the old-school ones, who would love to be left on their own to control the firewall.” In a world in which a popular online take-out menu can offer hackers a backdoor into a heavily guarded business, enterprises need to make sure their smallest partners aren’t also their biggest threats. “There’s a role for organizations like the ISF to put some of these guidelines out there, in conjunction with government agencies, and offer smaller businesses free information,” said Durbin.

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