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Prenda Law is a “copyright troll” that sued thousands for supposedly illegal downloads of porn movies before coming to a halt last year when its methods drew sanctions from several federal judges. Many of those sanctions are now on appeal.
New data was made public this week about the financial condition of John Steele, the Miami attorney who has been at the center of the scandal. The data was made public by Steele himself, who is fighting off his most recent slapdown: a $261,000 sanction from an Illinois federal judge who wrote that the lawsuit Prenda filed “smacked of bullying pretense.”
Steele and two other Prenda-linked attorneys said they didn’t have the money to pay. US District Judge David Herndon asked to see financial documentation proving their poverty. When he saw it, he was unimpressed. Steele and his former partner Paul Hansmeier “submitted incomplete, and to say the least suspicious, statements of financial condition,” wrote Herndon. He ordered them to pay the sanctions plus another 10 percent for the delay.
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