In January, film director Quentin Tarantino lost it when Gawker posted links to his leaked script for The Hateful Eight. He quickly slapped Gawker with a copyright infringement lawsuit and peppered Google with DMCA takedown requests for any URL, including the Gawker article, that pointed to his script.
Yesterday, a federal judge threw out Tarantino’s lawsuit, finding that the mere act of linking to the content, which wasn’t ever posted on Gawker’s website, wasn’t enough to sustain a lawsuit. Tarantino has also sued the anonymous posters of his script directly, as John Does 1through 10.
Tarantino will be allowed to amend the complaint to try again; he has to file the amended lawsuit by May 1. But it sounds like a long shot—the judge wrote in his order that “Plaintiff has not alleged and it is highly unlikely that Plaintiff will be able to plead facts demonstrating that Defendant somehow induced, caused, or materially contributed to the infringing conduct by publishing a link to the screenplay after it was wrongfully posted on”
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