Photograph by SpaceX

During a press conference Friday afternoon in Washington, DC, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk also explained that his company intends to file a lawsuit against the US Air Force in a quest to compete for national security-related rocket launch contracts. His remarks came as part of the announcement of last week’s successful soft-landing of the leg-equipped Falcon 9 rocket.
Musk noted that SpaceX chose this approach after learning that the Air Force had entered into exclusive agreements with government contractors that locked out private companies from competing for launch contracts, without providing suitable justification for why they did so.
The current system, Musk said, “blocks companies like SpaceX for competing for national security launches. We feel that this is not right.” He continued, “We’re just protesting and saying these launches should be competed. And if we compete and lose, that’s fine, but why were they not even competed?”
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