According to a recent Gartner Research report, there has been an “explosive” level of interest in file synchronization to go with sharing and other collaboration capabilities in the enterprise. This goes hand-in-hand with tight IT control as required by the enterprise and, in many cases, by regulatory agencies. The acronym for this type of system is EFSS, or enterprise file synchronization and sharing. This is largely, but not completely, due to the astounding increase of personal connected devices used to handle sensitive business data in the workplace, and it involves more than just mobile device management. Major drivers for this new priority are the growing adoption of personal media tablets, smartphones and laptops—as well as all the cloud services that come with them. This eWEEK slide show, using research from Gartner and industry intelligence from cloud data services provider CTERA Networks, offers 10 best practices for enterprises to use when deciding upon an EFSS management and security package.

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