The jury foreman in the latest round of the Apple v. Samsung patent showdown said Monday that the “consumer” was clearly the biggest loser following the conclusion of the month-long trial.
“Ultimately, the consumer is the loser in all this,” foreman Thomas Dunham, a retired IBM supervisor, told the San Jose Mercury News. “I’d like to see them find a way to settle. I hope this (verdict) in some way helps shape that future.”
The trial wrapped up on Monday, but the bulk of it was largely decided Friday. The jury awarded Apple $120 million, a fraction of the $2.2 billion it was seeking from Samsung for infringing the Cupertino-based company’s iPhone technology, including its slide-to-unlock tech. Samsung sought $38 million, and it was awarded about $160,000 after Apple was found infringing two of Samsung’s patents.
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