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The London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is set to launch a one-year pilot project that equips cops with body-worn video cameras to be used during their interactions with the public. The pilot will include a total of 500 cameras distributed across ten city boroughs.
The 31,000-officer-strong MPS is not the first police department to deploy systems designed to track its officers. Across the pond, for example, the Boston and Los Angeles Police Departments have installed self-monitoring systems on police cruisers, while dozens of US police departments, including those in Fort Worth, Las Vegas, and New Orleans, have deployed wearable police cameras.
The MPS chose to purchase 500 Axon body-worn cameras alongside a backend management system from Taser International, a manufacturer of law enforcement products and electrical weapons. The body-worn cameras in question are small, battery-operated devices that can attach to sunglasses, a shirt collar, a cap, or a head mount and can record wide-angle, full-color views of the officer’s visual field, according to a press release. A red “flash” appears on such devices to indicate when the camera is activated.
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