Oracle Java SE packages will be moved from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5and 6 Supplementary Red Hat Network (RHN) channels to the Oracle Java forRed Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 RHN channels.

Oracle Java SE development (JDK) and runtime (JRE) software packages willbe removed from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Supplementary media and RHNchannels. These packages will be relocated to a new set of channels thatare dedicated to delivering Oracle Java software. Customers are advised toreconfigure their systems to use the new channels to ensure that they arereceiving the latest updates to Oracle Java software.Oracle Java software packages will be removed from Red Hat Enterprise LinuxSupplementary media and RHN channels on May 8, 2014. Oracle Java will beavailable for online download via the new RHN channels.This change affects the following packages:* Oracle Java SE 5 (java-1.5.0-sun)* Oracle Java SE 6 (java-1.6.0-sun)* Oracle Java SE 7 (java-1.7.0-oracle)Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes OpenJDK as the default Java developmentand runtime environment. Java development and runtime is also availablefrom IBM via the Supplementary media and RHN channels. Access to OpenJDKand IBM JDK are not affected by this change.
Users are required to enable the new repository on their systems to accessOracle Java software. Refer to Red Hat Customer Portal KnowledgebaseSolution 732883, linked to in the References section, for instructions onhow to subscribe your systems to the new Oracle Java RHN channels.
These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and
details on how to verify the signature are available from:

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