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We’re often told by security professionals that the widespread adoption of surveillance cameras can hold officers accountable and provide valuable evidence for court proceedings. One Wisconsin woman is living proof that sometimes CCTV footage, used in conjunction with other evidence, really can serve the cause of justice.
Wisconsin resident Tanya Weyker was involved in a serious car crash with Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joseph Quiles’ vehicle in February of last year. Quiles rolled through a stop sign and “T-boned” her car, breaking her neck and wrecking her vehicle. Ever since, the 25-year-old woman has been trying to regain a semblance of her former life.
To add insult to injury, until quite recently, Weyker was facing drunken driving charges stemming solely from Quiles’ testimony at the time of the crash. Weyker was arrested after the accident on the charge that she appeared to be intoxicated—even though the arresting officer could not administer field sobriety tests due to the serious nature of Weyker’s injuries. All the while, undiscovered surveillance footage showed that Quiles, not Weyker, had caused the crash.
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