Flckr user circo de invierno

We recently wrote about what’s becoming an all too familiar tale, this time involving wireless router manufacturer Mediabridge and an online customer. After a redditor, who goes by “trevely,” wrote a negative review of the company’s product on Amazon, Mediabridge retaliated. Their lawyers threatened to sue trevely unless he deleted his review.
Instead, the reviewer posted the letter to reddit, setting off a firestorm of negative publicity against the company. Beyond the ill-will toward Mediabridge, a number of readers responded to the piece by offering their two cents on the thorny nature of libel law. Many expressed concerns about the legal implications of online product reviews.
In our follow-up, we asked some legal experts about the line between critical and libelous online reviews, hoping to create a sort of advice column for how not to get sued when reviewing online products. But readers again responded with another excellent round of questions about the current state of online defamation law.
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