One of the five indicted hackers, Wang Dong, aka “UglyGorilla”

US District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania

The Shanghai address of 208 Datong Road is where five members of Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army were “assigned” to deploy a widespread spear-phishing (or “spearfishing”) campaign to allegedly hack into leading US companies, according to a new indictment from Monday.
The President Barack Obama administration said Monday that the signals intelligence unit of the Chinese military scored private secrets from Alcoa, Westinghouse, United States Steel, Allegheny Technologies, and a steelworker union among others. If there was any top-secret, Chinese military hacking exploits used, the indictment [PDF] doesn’t say. Instead, it appears that old-school trickery was employed to gain all kinds of secrets, including the designs to a nuclear power plant and access to executives’ e-mail.

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