The Bahamas’ Parliament building, near a cell tower. Every call that passed through that tower may have been recorded by the NSA.

Documents obtained by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden show that the NSA has covertly intercepted and recorded nearly all of the calls made to, from, or between cell phones in The Bahamas. The surveillance, reported by The Intercept, used legal monitoring access obtained by the Drug Enforcement Administration.
The allegations raised by the documents led the Bahamian government to ask for an explanation of the surveillance, The Bahamas Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell told the Nassau Guardian. Mitchell said that the government would issue a statement today after a Cabinet meeting on the issue. At the time of this article, no statement has yet been posted on the Government of The Bahamas’ website.
The surveillance system, called Basecoat, was used as a test bed for development of the “full get” surveillance technology in a broader program called Somalget. The systems built and tested for Basecoat have also been deployed as Scalawag, Oilyrag, and Lollygag, collection systems set up in another unnamed country.
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