The Peng! Collective is a Berlin-based activist group that specializes in “subversive direct action, culture jamming, civil disobedience, and guerrilla communications.” As part of its participating in the recent Re:publica conference in Berlin, the group made a parody site presenting several new Google “products,” including Google Bee (offering personal drones), Google Hug (location-based crowdsourced hug-matching), and Google Bye (online profiles for the afterlife).
It looks like Google’s trademark lawyers are about as humorless as trademark lawyers for other tech companies. The company sent a cease and desist letter asking Peng to not only change the site, but to assign the domain name to Google.
The parody on the site has been replaced with a notice explaining it disappeared because of Google’s demands. “Google is worried about their brand and the future of Nest Labs, which is in the business of making creepy products to collect even more data from you,” writes Peng.
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