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The highly popular online video service Vimeo announced Wednesday that it’s introducing a new system called “Copyright Match” to automatically remove copyright-infringing videos from the site.
The move is a departure for Vimeo, which previously resisted the use of automated content filtration technologies despite competitors like YouTube embracing such content identification systems several years ago. Founded in 2004, Vimeo has said that unlike certain other sites, it was never meant to be a hub for illicit Simpsons clips and films broken into 10-minute increments. According to the company, Vimeo was supposed to be about original content and community.
“The first rule of Vimeo has always been: upload only your own videos,” the company’s blog post explains. “Vimeo is a home for original work—not for rips of movies, TV shows, music videos, and sports broadcasts. We encourage creativity and innovation, and we always want to respect everyone who expresses themselves artistically.”
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