One of the largest, most comprehensive annual security reports in any given year is the Trustwave Global Security report, and this year’s edition is no exception. Released May 21, the 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report is a 123-page amalgam of information and statistics on the state of the information security world. Among the findings in the report is the fact that the United States is both the top source for attack traffic as well as the most attacked country. The report also provides details on the state of passwords in the modern world. According to Trustwave, nearly a third of intrusions that they investigated in 2013 were initially the result of weak passwords. Going deeper, Trustwave found that the most commonly used password across 2 million accounts that had been compromised by the Pony botnet was “123456.” In terms of malware delivery methods, Java applets was the top choice, with 78 percent of exploits. On a more positive note, Trustwave found that spam volume declined to 70 percent of all in-bound email in 2013, down significantly from 93 percent in 2008. eWEEK examines key findings from the 2014 Trustwave Global Security report.

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