Brian Matis

Blizzard Entertainment has filed a lawsuit alleging that the ValiantChaos MapHack (VCMH) infringes on the company’s copyright for StarCraft II. The hack appears to allow its users to detect invisible enemy units and observe previously unknown parts of the map among other things.
“Unfortunately, the gaming experience of legitimate players of StarCraft II is under near constant attack by cheaters, scammers, and other wrongdoers seeking to exploit StarCraft II for their own illegitimate ends,” the company states in its suit. “For this reason, Blizzard seeks to protect the sanctity of the StarCraft II gaming experience through both technical and contractual measures.
“Defendants’ VCMH program, among other things, permits its user to view areas of the game ‘map’ that are normally obscured, to monitor the other player’s unit movements, and to access other information that normally is not available to the player. VCMH also automates certain tasks within the game. These gameplay changes give the player using VCMH a significant competitive advantage over others.”
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