Updated rhevm packages that fix various bugs are now available.

The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager is a centralized managementplatform that allows system administrators to view and manage virtualmachines. The Manager provides a comprehensive range of features includingsearch capabilities, resource management, live migrations, and virtualinfrastructure provisioning.The Manager is a JBoss Application Server application that provides severalinterfaces through which the virtual environment can be accessed and interactedwith, including an Administration Portal, a User Portal, and a RepresentationalState Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API).Changes to the jasperreports-server-pro component:* Previously, when the rhevm-reports web interface generated a report, itdisplayed the current month in Period Range instead of the historical date rangespecified by the user. Now, the Period Range displays according to user input.(BZ#1013731)Changes to the ovirt-engine-backend component:* Previously, if a user entered an incorrect password on the User Portal, theRHEV-M server sent the bad authentication to the AD server repeatedly, lockingthe account. Now, login fails once and allows for a new attempt. (BZ#1088123)* Previously, jobs that took too long to complete would fail under certainconditions due to database errors. This was caused by the logic used to clean upjobs, which would remove jobs with no steps or asynchronous steps. Now, thislogic has been revised so that such jobs are not removed, allowing jobs thattake a long time to complete to be processed correctly. (BZ#1083423)* It is now possible to configure bonds on physical host network interface cardsconfigured with DHCP. (BZ#1082296)* Previously the help text for taskcleaner.sh contained a misleading descriptionfor the -R option. Rather than removing only all zombies tasks as stated, theoption actually removes all tasks. Now, the description for the -R optionreflects its actual function. (BZ#1084774)* Previously, attempts to deactivate the master storage domain in environmentsin which there were no other domains to which to migrate resulted in an errorunder certain conditions. The logic used to deactivate storage domains failed torun the SpmStop action on the storage pool manager when zombie tasks were stillpresent. Now, this logic has been revised so that the master storage domain isdeactivated only after the storage pool manager has been stopped successfully.(BZ#1054108)* Previously, users were asked to change the root password on virtual machinesduring their first run even if the root password had been set using theCloud-Init feature. Cloud-Init logic has been updated and users are no longerprompted to change the root password or to log in as root. (BZ#1082636)* Previously, there was a spelling mistake in a variable name in theencryptionvalidator.sh script. The script did not work. Now, this spellingmistake has been corrected. (BZ#1082506)Changes to the ovirt-engine-setup component:* Previously, attempts to configure a local NFS ISO domain on the machine onwhich the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager was installed failed undercertain conditions when upgrading from version 3.2 to version 3.3. The setupprocess failed to recognize existing local NFS ISO domains created using thedefault name, and this resulted in an attempt to create a duplicate entry in theengine database. Now, the logic in the setup process has been revised: theoption to configure a local NFS ISO domain is not presented during an upgrade.(BZ#1080377)All Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager users are advised to upgrade tothese updated packages, which resolve these issues.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how touse the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available athttps://access.redhat.com/site/articles/11258Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.3

    MD5: 84d54cee739b43084ae16dc0dec5ffa8SHA-256: a2be6c180666d379ee91130865c586ae91bdd48bc97763d87ab15c2da4d490ba
    MD5: 264919dd672f1d869f9e43e6f817101fSHA-256: 481d74e1bd7530758c4d532b6c8b2a2b6b0f557722f6e43342c1c93bf4024456
    MD5: 4b3b2d920bee277a9a928930725fb0adSHA-256: b3b5a2957f442016ae1f401206a1bdd3228adcb72a2962e87ffbfe9c81d66992
    MD5: 850eee1d794cc59a6e7e17057184b56fSHA-256: 00d573dbb7cdaab69ed9fcc89a85dcba24d26676e1cf84ff038b9e9e4c0bfe11
    MD5: 301a97f9531bf87b3254b656ddeac33eSHA-256: 86239136d8a72dea2a3c8cefe6fceccef981c6178d0775e1fbe78d57551426f8
    MD5: a096f1313c2b6ff951c8e57f39dcb8b9SHA-256: 3b2380348836a08fe81cbce317787143100c8cbab5c4381729ad125f7f3245ef
    MD5: cc0f63a60cbb0a699834806e52166207SHA-256: 35592a1e35400c76c59cec5b2a93b236ac9d1c2b4175bb2fdc94aa9425575b09
    MD5: 89fab9108e8879f529b020ff18e79952SHA-256: 1b9e424748bc21b0c49ce49ecf17e887a85d21d8c04e538be917df11f547914e
    MD5: 6546192811751a7f7a1b00fccd35db79SHA-256: 56fd54e85fef392b8ea1d152dd659b4a2622e6de3d4479528d9a7a4ec3edc0d5
    MD5: 7073e50c4d223ac71a184db33127853cSHA-256: 6b7143bbf4728d6c92c40d8f91b1ede31291fadb22adae7b9b3efff34ba0a16f
    MD5: ac2634403c15bca096e18361f523e648SHA-256: fa3109936010cb7c72f9306e6449d9e779d84d8436dc6f5413460461f896559e
    MD5: 9ac4e6d093a454c5bc0a41fe4a512371SHA-256: effebe871e01a02fc4512a45adda298acfeec8c15d5f2db4f6dbc349eabe209f
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)
1054108 – engine: DeactivateStorageDomainCommand fails with vdsm error: ‘Operation not allowed while SPM is active’ because we do not actually send SpmStop while there are unknown tasks1060700 – [scale] race – sometimes VM and VDS statuses is not being updated (host stuck in unassigned)1079287 – Tasks are cleared while they are still running1082296 – setupNetworks: nic with dhcp cannot be bonded1082506 – Typo in encryptionvalidator.sh in RHEV > 3.2 prevents script from running1082636 – SSH injection via cloud-init UI goes to root instead of creating cloud-user1083423 – RHEV 3.3 – Live Migration fails with ERROR: insert or update on table “step” violates foreign key constraint “fk_step_job”1084774 – [TEXT] taskcleaner.sh has dangerously misleading help text1088123 – RHEV-M server appears to send the bad authentication to the AD server repeatedly, locking the account.1098767 – [vdsm] engine fails to add host with vdsm version 4.13.0

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