Updated rhevm-sdk-python package fixing a bug.

The rhevm-sdk-python package provides a Python Software Development Kit tofacilitate the development of custom applications and scripts that interact withRed Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager.The package contains a Python library that simplifies communication with the RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Manager REST API by providing an object-orientedview to developers.Users of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager that need to build customPython applications or scripts to interact with Red Hat EnterpriseVirtualization Manager should install this updated rhevm-sdk-python package.Changes to the rhevm-sdk-python component:* Previously, rhevm-shell would fail to authenticate users under certainconditions. This would occur when user names were greater than 52 characters inlength. Now, the logic used to process long user names has been revised so thatuser names greater than 52 characters in length can be processed correctly.(BZ#1094406)

1094406 – RHEV 3.3 rhevm-shell fails to authenticate w/ usernames longer than 52 characters

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