An updated ovirt-node package that fixes various bugs and contains a number ofenhancements is now available.

The ovirt-node package provides the utilities and recipes used to create andconfigure the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor ISO image. Note: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor is only available for theIntel 64 and AMD64 architectures with virtualization extensions.Changes to the ovirt-node component:* Previously, starting the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Host installationon a host without any usable disks would cause the installer to crash. Now, theinstaller does not crash, and instead displays a message describing the lack ofusable disks. (BZ#1097405)* Previously, the image-minimizer tool was missing in the ovirt-node packages.This caused the minimization step in an edit-node run to be skipped, and theresulting ISO was larger than necessary. Now, the image-minimizer is shipped inthe ovirt-node-minimizer subpackage. As a result, the ISOs generated byedit-node are minimized. (BZ#1097404)* Previously, providing more than one custom device in the custom devices dialogcaused the installer to crash. Now, the custom device parser has been fixed. Asa result, the installer does not crash anymore under these conditions.(BZ#1097403)* With this update, the position of cim rule in iptables has been corrected.(BZ#1097402)* Previously, modifying a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Host ISO withedit-node, then visiting the plug-in page in the setup text-based user interfacecaused it to crash. Now, the plug-in parser has been updated, and as a resultthe text-based user interface does not crash under these conditions.(BZ#1097401)* The ovirt-node-plugin-igor-slave subpackage is no longer built. (BZ#1097406)* Previously, when you auto-installed Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager,registration with “rhn_activationkey” to satellite or public Red Hat Network(RHN) failed. Now, auto-installation of Red Hat Enterprise VirtualizationManager succeeds. (BZ#1097413)* Previously, attempting to set the “flash lights to identify” option in the nicdetails page of network configuration would cause an unknown exception error.Now, this function can be activated without errors. (BZ#1073563)* Previously, the Manager would sometimes report a critical disk space error:”Critical, Low disk space. Host <host> has less than 500 MB of free space lefton: /var/log” even when this was not the case. Now, the Manager reports diskspace errors accurately. (BZ#1073566)Users of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor are advised to upgradeto this updated package, which corrects these issues and adds theseenhancements.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how touse the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3

    MD5: 7769af0b4b4e7a7b24416f991e574ec2SHA-256: 201d4fb13834df1728bd2aa2c4abb100add4aacf24b1ac4338e06a0ed70b3d00
    MD5: 9cd4c7a862aba0c32e6bee42e05210eeSHA-256: 63dc83a9bffd978009283ea5fc1566b1166a1db2a265440ef344711d1b90dd17
    MD5: fcbb9eb33abdfd9baf0cc5807adae37dSHA-256: f69b969e884769a56f1061d477ba64382e9c75e015840a5db1f2d9c854dbd0ad
    MD5: e8ae9a460daeb7de7da1856fdf5f74f8SHA-256: 49f083542b4885f9e67124d2fcf63042967f2e439af383c21992a262cfc48383
    MD5: 2b8b4d200db86f5983a6f161f4bb8a9eSHA-256: 6556859f2fcbc91c78bad71452344d75345b22ebeae1d78fe707bd4afe57f522
    MD5: 180f6747aa06a11db49fd8ca2b8e3c95SHA-256: 74d09283f7f1fe163a3af52953f476822aad1d2fa3340b2b7e994dc7eeaf97a4
    MD5: 6a35d52e1ca53282991d33376218964aSHA-256: 2a71c84454c38e420d330e702d66d073a77723c33197aca31ef72a0550758716
    MD5: 2a3f8aa0cc3c74727a06a3301f9eb5aaSHA-256: e340c6212f99c7cd11f8d28cbd93f7e1bb8253b4f458c38706738b2123146df1
    MD5: bd0daf5c749672207a7c406b87854a67SHA-256: af0fab98e7852ef34b53ae99568cbbd5e3118f79ee94030f7d4a2b0d798d0d32
    MD5: 4fce209858b863ea1787f164583efb28SHA-256: 5a788813081d2563575f775516b3eb40b79c76d5a490a4d400acb97b2f47aa0f
    MD5: 407b8c1716c71f20a9970d42c173a836SHA-256: 556d83b82b739341b1ddb1b1d07503135371c149ac46ecad5a033de625f6ad62
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)
1097404 – The “_minimize()” functions of edit-node tools disabled since deleted dependency package appliance-tools-minimizer1097405 – RHEV-Hypervisor6-6.5-20140112 Installation error regarding keyboard1097406 – No need to build ovirt-node-plugin-igor-slave plugin on RHEL

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