This is the One-Month notification for the retirement of Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 6.3 Extended Update Support (EUS). This notification applies only tothose customers subscribed to the Extended Update Support (EUS) channel forRed Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3.

In accordance with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Errata Support Policy,Extended Update Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 will be retired asof June 30, 2014, and support will no longer be provided. Accordingly, RedHat will no longer provide updated packages, including critical impactsecurity patches or urgent priority bug fixes, for Red Hat Enterprise Linux6.3 EUS after June 30, 2014. In addition, technical support through RedHat’s Global Support Services will no longer be provided after this date.We encourage customers to plan their migration from Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 6.3 to a more recent version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As abenefit of the Red Hat subscription model, customers can use their activesubscriptions to entitle any system on a currently supported Red HatEnterprise Linux 6 release.Details of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle can be found here:
This erratum contains an updated redhat-release-server package, thatprovides a copy of this retirement notice in the “/usr/share/doc/”directory.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server EUS (v. 6.3.z)

    MD5: 47c322db843bbc4ec548252af1605989SHA-256: 189b6725999b5476144fce2873d2a86fa6cfe6e4058cbb19724f543f7f1c8ad0
    MD5: ba08b243d6b8f80fc9943b449747a970SHA-256: ac2a461ad9e2b37888985879434ca382ae29abd2aff52de003993c7342853001
    MD5: 9455b1f449f4788eae2972b69fdb4372SHA-256: 73c7bd8c11bc7e4ad5bd6bc064b6aec75372f2131e1c1867bf05bff6ea367b91
    MD5: ec750461eb132bf39789246de54713e2SHA-256: 762c3f5295797d23c8a0ffee79cfb82691c2ce38e934e7d93b391c11657ea542
    MD5: ae65c6d99124633d37a1f10d6f28de11SHA-256: 1a2c21b2c836e0d3675604178a72e7f6512bdef0e9173ea702aeb28ee566ba40
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