It may be a surprise to some people, but enterprises lose control of entire petabytes of data on a fairly regular basis. More than 80 percent of organizational data is unstructured and resides everywhere: file servers, NAS, SAN, portals, mailboxes, the cloud, the data center—you name it. Companies of all sizes need to understand who can access which types of data, via what means and within what parameters (time of day, department, etc.). They need to be able to determine what data is sensitive, monitor who is accessing it, automatically track data access patterns, and assign and authorize access. Reducing or eliminating social engineering, malicious activities, corporate espionage, theft and even simple errors prevents data and reputation loss and reduces corporate and individual liability. No one wants to be fired for leaving data unprotected. This eWEEK slide show, which highlights 10 reasons IT managers need to implement secure data governance for unstructured data, is put together with eWEEK reporting with industry perspective from Maor Goldberg, CEO of Whitebox Security, which specializes in protecting and managing data.

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